• The company's founders have extensive prior management, technical and manufacturing experience. Farafan has wide range of activities including:
  • Medical equipment
  • Engineering services
  • Production of engines and auto parts
  • Industrial project management

Research and Development (R&D) is a continuous undertaking in Farafan Eng. Co., both improvemant and updating of present products, and also for development of new products. Farafan has sold few thousand of operating tables to the public, private and university hospitals. In addition, the company has supplied few thousand of Spirometers, Syringe Pumps, and Pulse Oximeters to public, private and university clinics and hospitals. Farafan can develop or modify products in response to customer's request.

  • Address: No. 8, East Arghavan St., North Motahari Ave., Darya Blvd, Saadat abbad., Tehran 19988 Iran
  • Phone: (+98) 21 88696502, 88696531
  • Fax: (+98) 21 88696135
  • Email: business@farafan.com

Farafan Engineering Co.

Since 1987

Nafas Yar
Respiratory Exerciser

NafasYar (Respiratory Exerciser) helps to develop, improve and maintain respiratory fitness. Restores and maintains lung capacity in post operative patients by slow, synchronized deep breathing. Allows visual flow measurement (600,900 and 1200 l/s), and estimation of the patient’s progress. Strengthens primary and accessory respiratory muscles and conditions them. Enhances endurance of both inspiration and expiration muscles, improves respiratory parameters, improves maximal exercise capacity, improves cardio-pulmonary status of the patient, enhancing the overall fitness and wellbeing.

In order to properly use an inhaler without a NafasYar, one has to coordinate a certain number of actions in a set order (pressing down on the inhaler, breathing in deeply as soon as the medication is released, holding your breath, exhaling), and not all patients are able to master this sequence. Use of Asthm Yar avoids such timing issues. Asthm Yar slows down the speed of the aerosol coming from the inhaler, meaning that less of the drug impacts on the back of the mouth and somewhat more will get into the lungs. Because of this, less medication is needed for an effective dose to reach the lungs, and there are fewer side effects from corticosteroid residue in the mouth.

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