Gynecology & Delivery Bed (DB-110)

Farafan Engineering co. is proud to introduce its new product, the Delivery Bed DB-110, with a unique attractive design and numerous capabilities.

This fully equipped bed serves to be in use as Birthing Table as well.

Some of DB-110 Delivery Bed's Features are listed here:

  • Attractive accurate design and fully engineered instrument at the same time
  • Providing comfortable positions for women in childbirth
  • Adjustable positions by the patient (usually a woman in childbirth) to find her most comforting position
  • Light-weight easy-to-use panel control available with the bed maintaining different positioning of the Delivery Bed
  • Option of selecting different nice colors for the covers
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standards, yet offered at a very attractive price.
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