Navigation Surgery System (NS881-O)

Medical images and imaging are precious tools for today’s diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses.Computer digital image processing of MRI and CT images will assist us to develop 3D images of the interested tissues and tumors.
Navigation Surgery System assists the surgeon to plan the surgery in advance and select the best path and method to reach the regions of interest or tumor. Surgeon can observe the surgery tool’s image on the monitor as it advances inside the body.

Advantages of navigation surgery system:

  • Surgery will be successful with high precision.
  • Minimal damage to normal tissues.
  • Patient operation and hospital stay will be shorter
  • Increases surgeon and operating team confidence

IR Camera Features:

  • Wireless connection between the IR Camera and the Localizer.
  • High speed data transfer (4000 times per second).
  • High accuracy in field of view.
  • Easy to use with freedom to move.

Localizer Features:

  • Localizer with 4 non co-planar IR LEDs.
  • Uses 3V battery.
  • Localizer’s IR LEDs communicate with camera, so co-ordinates of any point (e.g. tip of the localizer) may be located in space


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