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Desktop Spirometer

SPIROCHECK SP-831 is capable of selecting the best result and comparing the result with different standards (ITS, ECCS and IRAN). The result may be printed in color.

  • The Spirochech SP-831 is a versatile spirometer combining a sensitive and rugged differential pressure flow sensor with advanced electronics in a pc-based design.
  • User friendly windows environment provides easy operation.
  • Real time display of respiratory patterns on display for instant verification.
  • Guides the user how to carry out the test correctly.
  • Multiple test results are overlaid in different colors for comparison and choosing the best, manually or automatically by the computer.
  • Immediate selection, calculation and interpretation of spirometry results.
  • No recalibration required due to use of highly reliable sensor.
  • Pre/Post bronchodilator test.
  • up to 30 indices in the areas of Vital Capacity, Flow-Volume and Maximum Voluntary Ventilation can be measured.
Spirometer (SP-831)
Spirometer (SP-831)
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