• The company's founders have extensive prior management, technical and manufacturing experience. Farafan has wide range of activities including:
  • Medical equipment
  • Engineering services
  • Production of engines and auto parts
  • Industrial project management

Research and Development (R&D) is a continuous undertaking in Farafan Eng. Co., both improvemant and updating of present products, and also for development of new products. Farafan has sold few thousand of operating tables to the public, private and university hospitals. In addition, the company has supplied few thousand of Spirometers, Syringe Pumps, and Pulse Oximeters to public, private and university clinics and hospitals. Farafan can develop or modify products in response to customer's request.

  • Address: No. 2, Sahel St., Olympic Blvd, Olympic Cir., Tehran 14858-53604 Iran
  • Phone: (+98) 21 91302718, 44142462
  • Fax: (+98) 21 91302718, 44119054
  • Email: business@farafan.com
Telemedicine system

Health care expenditure is increasing by considerable amount and governments are incapable of keeping the pace with the increase rate. On the other hand population is aging, as the result doctors and hospital visit as well as hospital stay is also increasing, this will add burden on the health budget. Many doctor's visit and hospital stay may be avoided or reduced when patients can be monitored at home or from distance without the need to stay in hospital or travel to doctor's clinics. In fact in many rural areas where there are shortage of doctors and hospitals, doctor may visit the patient by teleconferencing, vital signs and other parameters may be measured by the supplied devices at home or in rural clinic by a nurse, the result will be checked by doctor (store and forward or online method) to monitor, diagnose or even treat the patient from far distance and only decide to visit the patient or refer the patient to a hospitals if it is really necessary. This will help the health care system to avoid unnecessary travel by doctors or patient and reduce hospitalization expenditure by huge amount. The system also can help the military in the field to have knowledge of personnel's health from far distance which can saves many life at far reduced cost. Also in natural disasters the requirement of this system is a must. For example during Japan's 2011 disaster many hospitals in the area were destroyed and there was no close by hospitals to take the patients and the injured to and the distant hospitals were so busy with incoming patients that there were no place for new ones, imagine if telemedicine would have been widely used in the disaster areas many people had been diagnosed and treated from distance and many lives would have been saved. We have also possibility to adopt our system according to customer's demand

Telemedicine solution:

The system include hardware (ECG, SPO2, Spirometer, Scale, Temperature, Blood Pressure meter, Blood Glucose meter, Digital Stethoscope, GPS tracking) and software. Trained patient or a nurse in a remote location from doctor and/or hospital will run the hardware as recommended by the health practitioner to measure and monitor the vital signs. The data wirelessly will be transferred to a computer where the data will be transferred to a remote server through internet. In case patient requires to have some lab test or imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT,…) the results will be uploaded through internet to remote server by participating labs and imaging centers. Doctor and specialist may visit the patient online and run teleconferencing session. Also check all data by both store and forward or online method through the remote server. Doctor may prescribe the medicine and email the prescription to participating pharmacies where the pharmacy will deliver the medicine to patient’s address. All data and actions in each step will be recorded safely and can be accessed only by authorized persons.

Clients and Customers:

  • Health System( Hospitals, clinics, Rehab centers )
  • Doctors
  • Military
  • Fire Department
  • Emergency systems
  • Home care and elderly homes
  • ECG, Respiration and Pulse
  • SPO2 and Pulse
  • NIBP and Pulse
  • Blood Glucose
  • Temperature
  • Digital Stethoscope (heart and lung sound files.)
  • Digital images ( X-ray, MRI, CT, …), Ultrasound
  • Scale (Body weight, %Fat, BMI, BMR)
  • Spirometer
  • GPS Tracking of patients with SOS call
  • Video conferencing
  • Drugstore partners
  • Imaging Clinic partners
  • Doctor partners
  • Laboratory Partner