CE Marking

We have CE-Marking for
our products.

ISO 13485

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Food and Drug Administration.


Current Good Manufacturing

Farafan Engineering Co.

Since 1987

Farafan Engineering Co. since 1987

The company's founders have extensive prior management, technical and manufacturing experience.
Farafan has wide range of activities including:

  • Medical equipment
  • Engineering services
  • Production of engines and auto parts
  • Industrial project management

Research and Development (R&D) is a continuous undertaking in Farafan Eng. Co., both improvemant and updating of present products, and also for development of new products. Farafan has sold few thousand of operating tables to the public, private and university hospitals. In addition, the company has supplied few thousand of Spirometers, Syringe Pumps, and Pulse Oximeters to public, private and university clinics and hospitals. Farafan can develop or modify products in response to customer's request.

Recent News

Come visit us at Iran Health 2018
Hall / Stand: 41B June 19, 2018 – June 22, 2018